Which plugins can I use with Largo?

We maintain a complete list of the plugins currently installed and available in our hosted version of Largo in the project docs. 

This list includes plugins that we have tested to ensure that they do not cause issues or conflicts. You may also want to review the general Largo documentation to ensure that the functionality you require is not already built into Largo as we include a number of things that would commonly require plugins directly as part of the theme itself.
For sites that we host, note that you are not able to install plugins directly. We ask that you  open a support ticket to request any new plugin be installed so we can review it before installing. Also, note that we reserve the right to not install any plugin that we believe may cause problems for you or the other sites that we host.
Our criteria for evaluating plugins can be found in the project documentation.
For sites using the open source version of Largo and hosting on their own, keep in mind that there are thousands of plugins out there and that they vary greatly in quality. While you can theoretically install as many plugins as you'd like, know that typically it's better to make do with fewer plugins and to choose plugins only by reputable authors that are regularly updated and maintained. 
Please also note that  support questions regarding any particular plugin should be directed to the creator of that plugin rather than to us unless the issue is with the Largo theme itself. 
When adding new plugins to your site always be sure to create a backup of your site before activating a new plugin so you can easily revert back if the plugin causes problems.

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