How can I improve the load time of my site?

We do a lot in Largo and in working with our hosting company to make sure your site loads as quickly as possible, but there are some additional things you can do as a publisher.

1. Wherever possible we recommend reducing the number of calls to third-party services. This includes minimizing your use of social widgets and only using advertising and analytic tools that you really need to get the job done. Any additional calls out to third-party services are going to ding you somewhat in the load time department and many social widgets don't add much (in our opinion) to justify the performance cost. The same can be said of various marketing, analytics, and advertising platforms. Obviously, some of these are needed, but you should carefully evaluate any new tools you add to your site (and periodically audit older ones) to make sure they're needed and the performance tradeoff is justified.

2. Another thing to look at would be making sure you're using some kind of image optimization when you edit and upload photos. We wrote a post on some tools for doing that here. Photos are typically the largest files you'll load on the site so anything you can do to optimize those and make the file sizes smaller will help with load time, sometimes significantly so.

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