Filling Out Your User Profile

Each WordPress user has a Profile in the system with information about that user. When you first get a user account, your profile will contain only your username and email address. One of the first things you should do is fill in the rest of your profile.

Add your First Name and Last Name, and if you wish, change your Nickname. This will populate the drop-down list next to "Display name publicly as" with various options. This is the name that will be displayed as a byline on posts, and on your author archive page which contains all the posts you publish. You'll probably want to display your full name in the order of first then last:

selecting a user display name in WordPress

Before the settings for your name are other options to change the color scheme of the dashboard, disable the visual editor when writing, etc. You can safely ignore these.

Next, you should add URLs for any of your social media accounts that you would like associated with your username on the site. These will display on your author archive page, along with the text you add in the Biographical Info box:

User profile social media and bio fields

Finally, under More Profile Information, add your job title, check the box if you want your email address publicly displayed, and upload your profile image for display on your author archive page:

More profile information fields in WordPress

Your Profile Image and Gravatar

You may find that your profile already has an image for you. That image comes from Gravatar, a service that connects with WordPress to provide a "globally recognized avatar." If you have a Gravatar account with a profile image, and that account uses the email address associated with your Largo website, WordPress will automatically display your Gravatar image.

You can choose to use the Gravatar image, or upload a different avatar image. If you upload a new image it will override the one from Gravatar.

Here's more info on how WordPress integrates with Gravatar.

Generate New Password

If you wish to change your password you can do that anytime in your Profile. To do this click the Generate Password button:

Generate Password button in WordPress

WordPress will generate a strong new password for you:

new password generated by WordPress

If you want to keep this password, make sure to copy and save it in your secure password manager (you do use one, right?), then click the Update Profile button at the bottom of your Profile page.

Alternatively, you can type in any other password of your choosing, and save that by clicking the Update Profile button.

Just remember that the security of your site depends on good security practices by all its users. This includes using strong passwords, which should not be used on other sites or accounts.

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