Largo Custom Taxonomies

In addition to Categories and Tags, Largo adds several custom taxonomies:

  • The Series taxonomy for creating a multi-part series or project
  • The Post Prominence taxonomy for highlight individual posts on the homepage
  • The Post Types taxonomy allows you to organize posts by content type


Note: The Series taxonomy is disabled by default, but can easily be enabled by the site administrator.

Some sites need to create a multi-part series or project that's published for a set amount of time and then falls into a “projects” archive page. To support this and also to allow for the creation of custom landing pages, Largo adds an optional “series” taxonomy.

Series are typically created by the site administrator in coordination with editorial staff. Then all you have to do is assign a given post to the appropriate series in the Series panel of the post edit screen:

series panel in Largo

Post Prominence

You can use Post Prominence to assign a post for featured display in various parts of your site. For example, if you assign a post to Homepage Featured it will display more prominently on the home page and category pages:

post prominence panel

Largo comes with six different homepage layout options, which determine how and where Post Prominence terms display post content. In most homepage layouts, assigning the post to Homepage Featured will display the post on the homepage with a large Featured Image instead of a smaller thumbnail. The site administrator may also add more Post Prominence terms for displaying posts in different ways.

Post Types

Like the Series taxonomy, the Post Type taxonomy is disabled by default, but can easily be enabled by the site administrator.

The Post Types taxonomy allows you to organize posts by content type, such as “Article,” Photo Gallery,” “Data,” etc. Posts assigned to a given Post Type will be displayed on an archive page with the URL  of  http://yoursitename/post-type/name-of-post-type .

Like the other taxonomies, a Post Type can be assigned to any post in the post edit screen. To assign a post to a Post Type just select it in the Post Types panel:

post types panel in Largo

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