Embedded Media

Adding Embedded Media to Largo pages and posts is much the same as adding video, with a few additional caveats.

Embeds as Featured Media

The occasions are rare that one would use embed code for something other than a video as Featured Media. But you can do this by using the  Set Featured Media button, and selecting Featured embed code. Here we have pasted in embed code from a podcast on SoundCloud:

Featured Embed Code screen

On the post page, this will display as Featured Media at the top of the post page:

Featured Embed Code on a post page

Embeds Inside Pages or Posts

Use the  Module Wrapper for embeds inside the Page or Post. As with adding videos inside the text of a post, you can use the Module Wrapper to insert a non-video embed code anywhere in the post.


Sometimes embed code contains JavaScript that isn't allowed by WordPress for security reasons. This is an important safety measure and can't be overridden. Nor, frankly, would be want to override it because there's a lot of malicious code out there on the web. WordPress and Largo do a good job of protecting your site and we need to honor and maintain that.

In other words, not all embed code will work in WordPress and Largo. Here's a list of sites on the WordPress whitelist for embeds it will support.

In some cases, plugins can be used to add other kinds of embeds, like DocumentCloud. INN built a plugin called Pym Shortcode, to allow embed code for things like data tables that need to resize both horizontally and vertically for mobile devices.

If something isn't working for you, or you need guidance on how to accomplish something else with embeds, you can always contact the Largo Help Desk and we'll respond quickly.

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