Photo Galleries

Galleries as Featured Media

Like other types of Featured Media, you can select Featured Gallery in the Set Featured Media screen:

Featured Gallery screen

This opens your Media Library where you can select any number of photos to add them to the gallery. Create the gallery, set it as Featured Media, and it will  display at the top of your post along with dots representing the photos in the gallery:

Featured Gallery post

A Gallery Inside a Post or Page

If you want the gallery placed somewhere in the body of a post or page, place your cursor where you want the gallery. Then use the Add Media button to create a gallery and add it to the post:

creating a photo gallery

The gallery will be displayed inside the post much like a Featured Gallery at the top of the post:

a photo gallery inside a post

Note: Some Largo child themes may display in-post galleries as a row of thumbnail images rather than full-sized images.

You can edit galleries by hovering over the gallery in the post edit screen and clicking on the pencil icon:

edit gallery icon

This opens the Edit Gallery screen where you can re-order the photos, and add or remove photos as needed:

Edit gallery screen

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