Bulk Actions: Editing Many Things At Once

There may be times you want to edit a number of posts all at once. For example, you might need to assign several posts to a new Category or Series, give them a Post Prominence, or enable or disable Comments.

You can perform these and other Bulk Actions on any number of posts from the All Posts screen:

Bulk Actions editing of posts in WordPress

Select the posts you want to bulk edit, or if you want to edit all posts on the screen check the box next to Title at the top:

Applying bulk actions in WordPress

With posts selected, click the Bulk Actions drop-down menu to select Edit, then hit the Apply button:

Applying bulk actions in WordPress

Now you can select Categories, Post Prominence, Series, or Post Types (if these taxonomies are enabled for your site), assign Tags, change the Status of all selected posts, and make them all Sticky. After making your selections, be sure to hit the Update button.

Bulk Move to Trash

After selecting a number of Posts, instead of editing them you can move them to the Trash in bulk.

Search for Posts to Bulk Edit

You can use the Search box on the All Posts page to find Posts you want to bulk edit. You can also use the CategoriesTagsPost ProminenceSeries, and Post Types links under Posts to find Posts you want to bulk edit.

Bulk Actions Work for Many Things

You can also apply bulk actions to:

  • Pages
  • Comments
  • Categories
  • Series
  • Landing Pages
  • Users
  • and more!

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