Building a WordPress Donation Form (Part 3)

The team at INN Labs has researched and experimented with various tools for building donations forms on WordPress sites and we've defined a standard set of forms, payment processors, and integrations that you can use.

This article is part of a series which shows you how to create a donation form on your WordPress site using Gravity Forms which integrates with either Stripe or PayPal, and MailChimp.

Here's what you’ll learn about in this 4-part series:

Part 1:
What you should know  
Getting started: Installation  
Plugin configuration
Part 2:   
Creating your donation form with Gravity Forms  
Connecting to Stripe or PayPal  
Testing transactions
Part 3 (this article!): 
Integrating with MailChimp
Part 4:   
Styling your forms

Integrate your form with MailChimp

Most of the sites we work with want to also give new donors the opportunity to sign up for one or more mailing lists. We use the  Gravity Forms MailChimp add-on to enable this option.

1. Before you set up a MailChimp feed in Gravity Forms, you'll need to have already created the mailing list you want to add people to and also make sure the fields you want to send over are configured correctly in MailChimp.

2. Once you have the Gravity Forms MailChimp Add-On installed and enabled, a MailChimp tab will appear in the form's settings section. Here, you can configure which of the submitted form fields match up to MailChimp's fields in its database for subscribers.

3. There is a checkbox to enable double opt-in so that the donor receives an email to confirm that they would like to sign up to receive your newsletter, but it's commonly assumed that by checking the "Sign me up" checkbox, your donor has consented to receive your newsletter.

4. At the very bottom of the MailChimp settings tab for the form is a checkbox labeled "Conditional Logic." Check this box to show the conditional configuration options. We're going to change the conditions so that the MailChimp integration only sends the email address to MailChimp when a box is checked.

5. Choose the field name from the left box, the "is" equivalency option from the middle box and the text of the checkbox from the right box.

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