How can I include/exclude a specific category from being displayed on the homepage?

In some cases, you may want the "river" of stories on your site's homepage to either be limited to a particular category (or categories) OR to show all posts except those in a particular category or categories. 

We have a way to explicitly include/exclude in the Largo Theme Options.
  1. First, find the category ID for the category you'd like to include/exclude in question.
    • Go to Posts > Categories and click on the category as though you were going to edit it
    • The URL will be something like "http://.../wp-admin/edit-tags.php?action=edit&taxonomy=category&tag_ID=62&post_type=post"
    • The tag ID is the number you want. It's 62 in this example
  2. Once you have that ID, go to Appearance > Theme Options and choose the Layout tab
  3. Scroll down to the section labeled Other Homepage Display Options
  4. To exclude the category in this example, put "-62" in the box in front of Categories to include or exclude
    • A minus directly in front of the tag ID (without a space) will exclude that category
    • The number without the minus will limit the loop to just that category
  5. You can add more categories to include or exclude by separating them with a comma. It is also possible to mix included/excluded categories. For example "4,-17,37" would show posts in categories with the IDs of 4 and 37 that are NOT also in the category with ID 17).
Further Reading:
For more information on how this works, see the  WordPress codex entry on limiting a query by category

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