How do I get my site to appear in Google News?

First, review Google's guidelines for inclusion in Google News and make sure your site meets the requirements. Then, you'll want to check a few things on your site before submitting it for consideration:

  • Ensure the URL structure of your site complies with their technical requirements. Specifically, Google requires that URLs contain at least three digits. The default in WP is to show the year/month or year/month/date in the URL before the slug and that would be compliant with Google News but some sites change the permalink structure (Settings > Permalinks) to some other format. If you do this, make sure that whichever format you choose contains at least three digits.
  • For sites we host, we use a plugin called Better WordPress Google XML Sitemaps to generate sitemaps for general Google search and for Google News. If you host your site with us, open a ticket and we can activate this plugin for you. If not, you'll need to ensure it is installed and activated.
  • Then, enable the Google News Sitemap from the BWP Sitemap menu and choose the categories you would like include/exclude in the sitemap. Once you have this enabled the link for your Google News sitemap, the URL should be: You can then submit this sitemap for your site in Google Search Console (formerly Webmaster Tools) to ensure that they are able to find and crawl it.
Finally, use their  submission form to apply. Note that it sometimes takes them a while to review your site for inclusion and you can only apply once every sixty days. 
TIP: make sure to use the correct version of your site URL using either www or non-www or Google News may have issues parsing your sitemap. 
NOTE: Largo does perform some optimization for Google News for you, using a post's categories and tags to populate google's  news_keywords meta tag and we apply the  standout tag to any post flagged as "featured" using any of the terms in the Post Prominence taxonomy.

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