How can I add images and other media to a post?

WordPress makes it pretty easy to add many types of media to any post or page. You can place images, audio, video, and photo galleries in the body text, add captions and credits, resize and make text wrap left or right around any image or other media item.

Largo adds the ability to set Featured Media at the top of each post, which can display as a "hero" image up to 1170px wide. You can also add a video, embed code, or photo gallery as the Featured Media for your post.

Add Media

The Add Media button above the body text area allows you to upload and insert images of various sizes anywhere in a post:

  • Place the cursor where you want an image to appear in the text.
  • Click the Add Media button, and either select from the existing Media Library or upload a new image. 
  • After you upload an image or other media in the Insert Media screen, you can add a Caption, Description, Credit, Credit URL, Organization, and Alt Text. Alt Text is very important for meeting accessibility requirements and serving visually-impaired users.
  • Also in the Insert Media screen, you can set the image alignment, add a link to the image, and set the image to full-size, medium, or thumbnail.
  • Then click the Insert into post button to see the results in the post edit screen.

Featured Media

You can use the Featured Media to add an image or other media item to the top of your post. For best visual results use a landscape-shaped image with a width of 1170px. Featured images will also display as cropped thumbnails on the home page or section page associated with the post.
To add featured media:
  • Click the Set Featured Media button found just above the body of the post in the post editor.
  • You can upload an image or select an existing image in the Media Library.
  • Featured embed code allows you to enter embed code from any type of embeddable content. If you add a Title, Caption, and Credit, they’ll appear along with the embedded media.
  • Featured video allows you to enter a Video URL from YouTube, Vimeo, or another video hosting service. If the embed code is not pulled in automatically you can enter it in the Video embed code field. You can also add a custom thumbnail image for display on the home/section page.
  • Featured gallery enables you to build a carousel of images. Select multiple images from the Media Library, or upload new images to use in the gallery.
When uploading images you can click the  Select Files button in the  Upload Files tab, or just drag and drop images into the modal window. With all featured media you can add a title, caption, and other descriptive information for display with the media on the post page. When using images for any purpose, make sure to add Alt Text to meet accessibility requirements for visually impaired website users.
Also note that only  Featured Images will create thumbnails on home pages and landing pages, but that using the embed code option will not create and display a thumbnail image on home/section pages as with the other options.

Override Display of Featured Media on Post Page

If you don't want the  Featured Media to display on the single-post page for any reason, you can check the box next to "Override display of featured image for this post?" in the  Featured Image settings screen. The thumbnail of any  Featured Image will still display on the homepage and other landing pages.

More Info on Adding Images and Media in Largo Posts

For more details see the Largo User Guide article on  Adding Images and Featured Media to Posts.

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