Configuring Plugin Settings

To configure the settings for the Republication Tracker Tool plugin, navigate to the  Settings -> Reading inside of your WordPress admin panel once the plugin is installed and activated.

navigating to plugin settingsRepublication Tracker Tool Policy

The  Republication Tracker Tool Policy field is where you will be able to input your rules and policies for users to see before they copy and paste your content to republish. A good example of a CCS policy can be found here.

republication tracker tool policy fieldRepublication Tracker Tool Google Analytics ID

In order to track your republished post pageviews in Google Analytics, you will need to insert your Google Analytics tracking ID into the field labeled  Republication Tracker Tool Google Analytics ID.

republication tracker tool google analytics id field

To find your Google Analytics ID, first log into your Google Analytics account. Once logged in, click the  Admin button on the bottom left corner.

google analytics admin button

Once inside the admin panel, click into  Property Settings for the property you want the tracking ID for.

google analytics property settings

Inside of the  Property Settings pane is where you will see your tracking ID.

google analytics tracking idCreative Commons Tracking Code

Once you have your Google Analytics ID set, you'll be able to view a sample tracking code that you will be able to copy and paste in order to manually insert into specific types of articles that you'd like to track. Just remember to swap out  YOUR-POST-ID with the actual ID of the post you're going to insert the pixel into.

republication tracker tool manual tracking code

To find the ID of your post that you'd like to use, navigate to the edit page for the specific post. Once on the editor page, you can grab your post ID from the  post parameter in the url.

how to grab post idTroubleshooting

Why isn't my site logo appearing on republished posts?

The Republication Tracker Tool uses  get_site_icon_url to grab your site favicon to display in republished posts. If your favicon is not appearing, please make sure your site has a favicon set in the way described in the WordPress docs.

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