Adding Republish button to posts

In order to add your Republish button to your posts, you will need to add the Republication Tracker Tool widget to the sidebar or widget area of your choice. Once this plugin is installed and activated, navigate to Appearance -> Widgets.

navigating to widgets

Find the Republication Tracker Tool widget and drag it into the widget area that you want it to appear in. You will be able to set these fields:

  • Title
  • Title Link
  • Content
  • Background
  • Hidden on Desktop/Tablet/Phones

Republication Tracker Tool widget

Once you have added the Republication Tracker Tool widget to a widget area, you should see the Republish This Story button appear on your selected widget area.

default republish button

If you'd like to place the republication button within a post, but not in a sidebar, INN Labs' Super Cool Ad Inserter Plugin may be of use to you.

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