Removing the Republish Button From Specific Categories

If you'd like to remove the Republish button from specific categories, the plugin includes a filter that will help you do this programatically.

The hide_republication_widget filter allows you to target specific posts/categories/tags/whatever you want to hide. All you have to do is check if the current post exists in the specific category, and tell the filter to return true if you'd like the button to be hidden.

Here's an example of how to hide the Republish button on all posts in the category with an ID of 14 or 15.

* Hide the Republication sharing widget on posts that are
* included in the category with the ID of 14 or 15.
* @return bool Whether or not the sharing widget should be hidden
function remove_republish_button_from_category( $hide_republication_widget, $post ){

    if( true !== $hide_republication_widget ){

        // if the current post is in either of these categories, return true
        if( in_category( array( 14, 15 ), $post->ID ) ){
            // returning true will cause the filter to hide the button
            $hide_republication_widget = true;


    return $hide_republication_widget;

add_filter( 'hide_republication_widget', 'remove_republish_button_from_category', 10, 2 );

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