Does Largo/WordPress save revisions to my posts? How can I access them?

For sites we host, our hosting company disables revisions by default because it tends to add significant bloat to the database and make your site slower. We recommend editing your copy in a tool that is better for tracking revisions and changes such as Google Docs before moving it into WordPress to do the final editing and formatting before you publish.

That said, Largo does not make any changes to the default revisions functionality in WordPress, so if you use Largo and host the site elsewhere, you can access revisions as follows:
1. Open the page or post for editing, and in the Publish panel on the right of the edit screen, there's a "Published on" date and time. If there have been any revisions since then, there will be a "Revisions" link just above that: 
2. You can browse each revision and see exactly what was changed:

3. Use the slider at the top or the Previous and Next buttons to move between different revisions (if there are more than one), and the Restore This Revision button if you want to restore a previous version:

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