Homepage Layout Overview

Largo provides several choices for your homepage layout and options for the default layout of your post pages and landing pages. In this section of the Largo Guide for Administrators, we’ll walk through the details of each homepage layout so you can make the best choices for your website.

Appearance > Theme Options > Layout is the place to configure the look of your homepage. The most important options are Home Templates and Homepage Bottom, which determine how most of your content is displayed. Other settings determine the layout of your footer and your default single-post template. You can also choose to show only posts from certain categories on the homepage, and set the number of posts to display there.

With so many layout options there’s a lot of flexibility. In the pages of this section, we’ll look how each homepage layout works, the Homepage Bottom section, and then the other layout options.

You Should Decide Your Site Layout First

While you can change the layout after launching a site, it’s better to make overall layout decisions early in the process. When you are setting up your site you can experiment with the different layouts and settings to get a feel for how they look and behave.

Largo Provides Six Home Template Choices:

  • Blog: A blog-like list of posts with the ability to stick a post to the top of the homepage. Be sure to set Homepage Bottom to the single column view.
  • Big story, full-width image: A single story with full-width image treatment. Includes a headline and excerpt.
  • One big story and list of featured stories: A single story with full-width image treatment. Featured stories appear to the right of the big story’s headline and excerpt.
  • One big story and list of stories from the same series: A single story with full-width image treatment. Series stories appear to the right of the big story’s headline and excerpt.
  • Top Stories: A newspaper-like layout highlighting one Top Story on the left and others to the right.
  • Legacy Three Column: This layout has a skinny left sidebar, a wide right sidebar, and a list of stories in the middle column.

Theme Options Layout screen in Largo

These layouts determine the number of available columns on the homepage, and how posts are displayed when they’re assigned a Post Prominence of Homepage Top Story and Homepage Featured. This is a setting added when creating or editing each post. Within these choices, there’s a tremendous amount of flexibility.

We cover Post Prominence in the Taxonomy page of this guide. You can also see more on Post Prominence in the Largo Project docs.

Note that you can enable the display of a Sticky Post on any of the Home Templates by checking the box under Sticky Posts.

Next, we’ll cover each of the six layouts and look at the other options that allow you to further customize the display of posts, sidebars, and footers.

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