Homepage Layout: Top Stories

The Top Stories homepage is a newspaper-like layout highlighting one Homepage Top Story on the left and other Homepage Featured stories to the right.

Top Stories layout in Largo

See the Taxonomy page for details on using Post Prominence with posts.

The most recent post assigned a Post Prominence of Homepage Top Story will display prominently in the upper left of the homepage with a 489px wide Featured Image (if it's added to the post).

Up to three Homepage Featured posts will display to the right of the Homepage Top Story with Titles, Thumbnails, and Excerpts. If more than three posts have been assigned a Post Prominence of Homepage Featured a "More Headlines" title will display above clickable Titles to three additional Homepage Featured posts.

Posts below the top will display in descending chronological order down the page. If more than six posts have been assigned a Post Prominence of Homepage Featured, the additional Homepage Featured posts will display a large (771px wide) Featured Image (if available in the post).

Sticky posts display a large thumbnail Featured Image floated to the left.

Non-sticky posts and posts not assigned to Homepage Featured display a smaller thumbnail floated to the right:

posts on a Largo website

Note that in order to stick a post to the top, you must check the box to "Show sticky posts box on  homepage ?" and set at least one post as sticky.


The Top Stories layout has two columns with a sidebar in the right column.

Widgets added to the Main Sidebar widget area will display in the narrower column on the right, while the main page content displays in the wider column on the left.

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