Homepage Layout: Legacy Three Column

The Legacy Three Column layout has a skinny left sidebar, a wide right sidebar, and a list of stories in the middle column. This layout allows setting one post as the Homepage Top Story.

With the rise of mobile devices and "mobile-first" design principles, three-column layouts are no longer as effective and present problems with usability. For this reason, we strongly recommend using one of the other homepage layouts. We maintain the legacy three column homepage for backwards-compatibility with existing Largo sites set up with this layout.

legacy three-column layout in Largo

Posts below the top will display in descending chronological order down the page. All Homepage Featured posts display a large (509px wide) Featured Image if available in the post.

Sticky posts display a thumbnail Featured Image floated to the left.

Non-sticky posts and posts not assigned to Homepage Featured display a smaller thumbnail floated to the right:

posts on a Largo website

Note that in order to stick a post to the top, you must check the box to "Show sticky posts box on  homepage ?" and set at least one post as sticky. (See the Intro to the Post Edit Screen for details on sticking posts to the top.)


The Legacy Three Column layout has two sidebars. Widgets added to the Main Sidebar widget area will display in the column on the right. In Appearance > Widgets you'll see a new widget area named "Homepage Left Rail." Widgets added to this widget area will display in the column on the left.

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