Homepage Bottom

The Homepage Bottom determines how posts are displayed under the top "featured" area of the homepage, where Homepage Top Story and Homepage Featured posts are given special visual treatment. The overall layout will be quite different depending on which Homepage Bottom is selected along with the Home Template.

Theme Options Layout Homepage Bottom options

Single Column Homepage Bottom

By default, the Homepage Bottom is set to a single column list of recent posts with photos and excerpts. This is the most common layout for sites frequently posting stories, as the most recent stories always display on the homepage. You can make specific stories stand out visually by assigning them a Post Prominence, as covered below for each layout.

See the Taxonomy page for details on using Post Prominence with posts.

Two Column Widget Area

You can change the Homepage Bottom to a two column widget area for any Homepage Layout except the Blog layout. You can then fill the two-column widget area with any widgets you choose. Since the widgets can display a wide variety of content, the possibilities with the two column widget area are nearly endless, but it can also require a great deal more time and effort to set up.

Note that the Blog Home Template does not display the two column widget area.


The blank homepage bottom displays nothing below the Homepage Top. Its behavior is predictable with two exceptions:

  • With the Blog Home Template, using the blank Homepage Bottom results in no posts at all displayed in the main content column. The Blog Home Template has no top "featured" area, so all content is displayed in the single column Homepage Bottom.
  • With the Legacy Three Column Home Template, selecting the blank Homepage Bottom results in a single column display of recent posts instead of a blank Homepage Bottom, as if the Single Column Homepage Bottom was selected.

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