Additional Homepage Display Options

Each of the six Homepage Layouts determines the structural layout of the homepage, and how featured posts are displayed. We're going to wrap up the Layout settings by covering the remaining options in Appearance > Theme Options > Layout. These include setting the number of posts to display on the homepage, limiting display by category, the default single-post template, and the site footer layout.

Other Homepage Display Options

other homepage options settings in Largo

Options for Displaying Categories and Tags for Posts on the Homepage

You can choose to display:

  • A single tag above the headline on each story (this will be the Top Term selected in the Post)
  • A list of terms assigned to the post below the post excerpt
  • None - no tags for the post will be displayed on the homepage

Number of Posts to Display in the Main Loop on the Homepage

Set a numerical value to show more or fewer posts on the homepage as desired. The homepage will provide a Load More Posts button at the bottom to display another set of posts if desired by the user.

The number you set here doesn't include any Sticky posts or posts in the top "featured" area in homepage layouts that support that.

Categories to Include or Exclude in the Main Loop

By default, Largo will display posts in all categories on the homepage. You can display posts in only specific categories, or choose one or more categories to exclude, with this setting.

Enter a comma-separated list of category IDs here to include or exclude them from the main loop on the homepage.

To find the ID for any category, go to Posts > Categories to see your full category list:

category list page in WordPress

Find the category you want and click on it. This opens the category edit screen:

Category edit screen in WordPress

Look in the URL for the number after$tag_ID=. For example, in this URL the category ID is 250:

Category url showing the category ID

Return to Appearance > Theme Options > Layout and enter this category ID under Other Homepage Display Options in the "Categories to include or exclude" box. To exclude specific categories, use a minus sign ("-") before the category ID.

excluding a category from the homepage post loop in Largo

To exclude more than one category in the homepage loop, enter their IDs (with the minus sign) separated by commas:


You can also specify which categories to show by entering the IDs of your chosen categories. Only the specified categories will then display in the homepage main loop. Here's an example of including only four categories:


Single Article Template

choosing a default single article template in Largo

By default, single articles pages will display as a single "clean" story page with no sidebar. You can reset the default for single article pages to a Two Column layout if you want to use a sidebar on story pages. Note that you can also choose either template in the Post Edit screen for any individual post. So this setting sets the default which you can override for any post.

Category Options

Category options in Largo

Each Category has its own landing page for display of all posts assigned the Category. The Category Options setting can enable a Featured Posts area on the landing pages. You can then assign any post a Post Prominence of Featured in Category to feature it on the Category page:

category page showing featured posts

If you choose to "Hide the featured posts for category pages," posts will display vertically in descending date order. Any post with a Post Prominence of Homepage Featured will display with a large Featured Image on the Category page, and Post Prominence of Featured in Category has no effect.

Sidebar Options

sidebar options settings in Largo dashboard

By default, Largo has two available sidebars: one for single article pages (visible only when you're using the Two Column layout for story pages), and the Main Sidebar used for the homepage and all Category, Tag, Series, and other archive and landing pages.

Check the first box to enable a third sidebar for your Category, Tag, Series, and other archive and landing pages. A new widget area will then be available in your Appearance > Widgets settings, the Archive/Topic Sidebar:

sidebar widget areas in Largo
Circled in this image are the Archive/Topic Sidebar, enabled with the checkbox, and a custom sidebar named Special Events Widget Area.

This allows you to put different widgets and content in the sidebar of Category and other taxonomy landing pages.

You can add even more sidebars by checking the second box and entering one or more names, one per line. This gives you additional widget areas you can populate with whatever content you want and use them on various pages, depending on which templates you choose.

Footer Options

Finally, you have a choice of five footer layouts: two different three-column footers, two different four-column footers, and one single-column footer. Each footer column is available as a widget area in Appearance > Widgets, where you can populate them with the content you want in the footer.

footer options settings in Largo

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