Organizing Content: Overview

Every website has an "information architecture" comprised of content groupings by subject or type, and a menu system to enable clear navigation. As the site Administrator, you will decide how to organize your content, and structure the navigation. Largo gives you the power; here's how to use it.

WordPress by default displays posts in reverse date order on your homepage, like any blog. But there are other ways to organize related stories:

  • When you assign categories or tags to a post, the post is added to an archive page for each category or tag.
  • Each author gets their own archive page displaying every story they post, along with the author's bio, email, and social media links.
  • Largo adds other ways to group stories by Series, and to feature stories prominently on homepages, sidebars, and other areas you determine.
  • For non-story content, you can create Pages, such as an "About" or "Contact" page. Pages don't display in the main homepage stream of posts but live separately as individual areas on your site. (For more on this distinction, see Pages versus Posts.)
  • Once you have some Posts and Pages, you'll want to set up Menus so people can easily find what they're looking for.
  • You can use WordPress Widgets to display specific kinds of content, like ads/promotional materials, social media, newsletter sign-ups, donation buttons, and the like.

No Coding Required!

The pages in this section will take you through everything you need to know as a site Administrator about organizing content. The steps here require no coding skills. If you can use a computer and a browser, you can do a great job setting up your site.

That said, it will require time and some planning. You'll need to decide what categories and tags to use, based on the subjects and terms relevant to your content. You'll need to determine what pages are needed, e.g. if you need a page for your Board of Directors, Staff List, etc. Once you map out the pages and subject terms for your content, you'll tie it all together with menus so users can navigate your site.

We'll begin with some basics about taxonomies. Get ready to get organized!

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