At various times you might want to create a multi-part series or project that's published for a set amount of time and then falls into a “projects” archive page. To support this Largo adds an optional “Series” taxonomy, along with a very flexible new kind of Landing Page for Series posts.

You can assign any post to a Series on a timely topic, such as "Election 2016", and then create a Landing Page for the Series. The Series Landing Page can also have a custom sidebar just for that series. You might then link to the Election 2016 Series in your main navigation during the election, and later remove it from the main navigation after the election.

The Series taxonomy is disabled by default, but you can enable it from the Appearance > Theme Options > Advanced menu. See the Theme Options: Advanced page for more info on setting this up.

Creating and Managing Series

You can create a new Series in Posts > Series.

Series list page in WordPress

Like with Categories and Tags, you can:

  • Edit existing Series, and optionally add a description and Featured Image for display on the series archive page
  • See at a glance how many posts have been assigned to each Series, and click on the count link to open the post list screen for just the posts in that Series
  • Create new Series

In the Post Edit screen, authors can assign a post to any Series:

series panel in Largo

Series Landing Pages

Series Landing Pages work a bit differently than Category and Tag archive pages. To provide more flexibility in how Series pages are displayed, Largo adds Custom Landing Pages with additional functionality. Like the Series taxonomy, Custom Landing Pages must be enabled in Appearance > Theme Options > Advanced:

enabling series taxonomy and custom landing pages in WordPress

After enabling Custom Landing Pages you'll find a new Dashboard link to the Landing Pages list screen:

Landing pages list screen in WordPress

Here you can add a new landing page, or click on an existing Landing Page to edit.

edit landing page screen in WordPress

Special Features of the Landing Page

A Series Landing Page adds many more options than the archive pages for Categories and Tags:

  • Enabling display of a custom Header, a Series byline, and social media sharing links.
  • Under Layout Style when "Alternate" is selected, you can add formatted text and media like any Page or Post. This allows you to provide an introduction or context to the Series in the page header.
  • You can select one of three layouts: two-column, three-column, or single-column.
  • Unless using the single-column layout, you can select any sidebar widget area for the sidebar columns. If you want to have a custom sidebar for a particular Series landing page you can create a sidebar widget area for this in Appearance > Theme Options > Layout > Sidebar Options, then add widgets to it in Appearance > Widgets.
  • You can set the number of posts per page (the count of posts that appear before the Load More Posts button).
  • You can change the order of posts on the landing page.
  • You can set posts to display with or without a Featured Image, Excerpt, Byline, and any Categories and Tags assigned to it.
  • You can also choose different layout styles for the footer of the landing page, including a custom series widget area, or custom HTML/text.
  • Finally, you can set the slug for the landing page, which appears in the page URL e.g. For convenience, we recommend making the slug for the landing page match the slug of the Series.

For complete details see our guide to Series Landing Pages.

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