Disclaimers Plugin

The purpose of the Disclaimers plugin is to display disclaimer text for any post or page where you want to clarify terms of responsibility for the content of the post or page. For example, on a commentary post, you might want to state that the opinions expressed are those of the commentator and don't necessarily reflect the views of the organization or its editorial board.

You can enter default disclaimer text for this widget in  Settings > Disclaimers:

You can optionally change the disclaimer text for any individual post by modifying it in the Post Edit screen:

changing the disclaimer text in a post

In Largo, the Disclaimer widget is most commonly used in the Article Bottom widget area so it displays at the end of a post:

disclaimer displayed with a post

In other themes, you may need to put the Disclaimer widget in a sidebar or in the footer navigation. The widget will only display disclaimers on posts.

In Largo, you'll be able to choose from three backgrounds (default, reverse, or none), and optionally hide the widget on desktop displays, tablets, and/or phones:

disclaimer widget settings

Other themes may provide different options for your plugin.

The Disclaimers plugin is compatible with Gutenberg.

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