Largo Image Widget

The Largo Image Widget allows you to place an image in any widget area, along with a title and caption. This can be useful to promote something else on your website or on another site or create a custom message or advertisement.

Largo Image Widget on a website

You could also use the Largo Image Widget to create a banner advertisement up to 1170px wide in the Header Ad Zone widget area if enabled in Appearance > Theme Options > Advanced:

Largo Image Widget used for a banner ad

To begin just select an image in the widget settings and begin configuring.

Largo Image Widget Settings

You can add a hyperlink from the image to any URL, and choose to have the URL open in the same window or a new window. You can choose a preset image size or set a custom size, set the image alignment in relation to the caption text, and change the widget background color.

As with other Largo widgets you can choose whether or not to display the Image Widget on desktops, tablets, and phones.

As with all images on your website, please be sure to add Alternate Text to tell visually impaired users what the image is. This should be a short phrase or sentence, similar to how you would describe the image to someone on the phone.

Note that the Widget Title Link and Tracking on Google Analytics have been deprecated with this widget.

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