Largo Recent Posts Widget

Largo Recent Posts is a powerful widget that can display recent posts in various formats with the option to limit by Category, Tag, custom taxonomy term and/or author. This widget has many options that enable display of a filtered set of articles or excerpts based on criteria of your choosing. You can limit by author and/or category, and then further limit by tag. You can limit by a custom taxonomy like Post Prominence, Series, or Post Types (the latter two need to be enabled in Appearance > Theme Options > Advanced), and you can combine these filters as needed.

Largo Recent Posts widget

You can show posts by all authors and/or categories by using the drop-down menu in the widget settings.

For example, if you wanted to only show recent posts by the author Jack in the category of Largo with the tag "navigation" the widget settings would look like this:

Largo Recent Post widget settings

For Tags, look in Posts > Tags to find their slugs.

Limiting by the custom taxonomies and their terms  requires  using the “slug” for the custom taxonomy in the Taxonomy field:

Custom Taxonomy Taxonomy Slug
Categories category
Tags post_tag
Post Prominence prominence
Series series
Post Types post-type

Each term within a custom taxonomy also has a slug. For example, the slug for a tag of "social media" would be "social-media". You can find the slugs for the terms in any taxonomy by checking its settings page, which lists the names and their slugs.

Enter the taxonomy's slug in the widget's Taxonomy field, and then the term's slug in the Term field. For example, if you want to display Post Prominence content assigned to "Featured in Series", you'll enter "prominence" as the Taxonomy and "series-featured" as the Term:

Setting the Largo Recent Posts widget to filter by taxonomy and term

After setting the limits on the content you want to display, you can adjust how it's displayed. You can set how thumbnails, excerpts, bylines, and top terms are displayed, and add a More link to  a URL.  You may also want to select the option to Avoid Duplicate Posts which will cause this widget to skip any posts that are already shown elsewhere on the page.

Largo recent Posts widget in a sidebar

Like other Largo widgets, you can choose from three backgrounds (default, reverse, or none), and optionally hide the widget on desktop displays, tablets, and/or phones.

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