Largo Related Posts Widget

The Largo Related Posts Widget works on single-post and Series pages. It shows the title and thumbnail image for related posts, under a default title of "Read Next":

Largo Related Posts Widget on a web page

Related posts can be set manually by adding related post IDs in the Additional Options/Related Posts box of the post edit screen.

Related Posts setting in a post edit screen

You can find the post ID for a given post by opening it in the Post Edit screen, and finding the ID in the URL:

Finding a post ID in WordPress by looking in the url
In  a URL   like  /wp-admin/post.php?post=2131&action=edit ,  the post ID is the number  2131

You can add several related posts in this way by entering their post IDs separated by commas:

adding several posts IDs in the post edit screen to create related posts

If no related posts are set, the widget will fall back to a default algorithm that selects the most closely-related posts based on series, category or tag. First, it looks at any series the post is assigned to and tries to first find the most recent post in the series. If the post we're looking at is already the most recent post in the series, it will show the previous post in the series.

If the post is not in a series it then looks at categories and tags, sorted by popularity (more frequently used categories/tags get weighted higher) and then again tries to find a more recent post in the most popular category/tag. If it doesn't find any more recent posts it will look for older posts, again also weighing its choice based on popularity.

If that all fails and it doesn't find any posts it will just show the most recent posts on the site.

Here's the Related Posts widget set to display three related posts:

three related posts displayed on a web page

Widget options include changing its title (defaults to “Read Next”), the number of related posts to display, showing the date of related posts, and the related post Thumbnail position. Like other Largo widgets, you can choose from three backgrounds (default, reverse, or none), and optionally hide the widget on desktop displays, tablets, and/or phones:

Largo Related Posts Widget settings

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