Largo Series Posts Widget

If you have enabled the Series taxonomy on your Largo site, you might find it useful to display the Largo Series Posts Widget widget in a sidebar or other widget area. This allows you to call attention to one or more series of your choice, and provide links to series posts and the series landing page.

The Largo Series Posts Widget widget displays links to up to five posts in the series selected. The first link will include the post title and excerpt, and a thumbnail of the Featured Image if one is included in the post. The widget also displays a link to "Complete Coverage" on the series landing page.

Largo Series Posts Widget on a web page

To set up the widget, select the series and the number of posts you want to display. You can also choose to show the date with the first post link. The remaining post links are displayed as a simple unordered list under a customizable heading, which defaults to “Explore”.

Largo Series Posts Widget settings

This widget can fit well in the Article Bottom widget area or a sidebar:

Largo Series Posts Widget displayed in a sidebar

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