Largo Taxonomy List Widget

This widget creates a list all of the terms in a given taxonomy with links to their archive pages. The list can include a thumbnail and title for the most recent post for each term. This is commonly used to generate a list of Series with links to their landing pages:

Largo Taxonomy List Widget on a web page

To configure this widget, begin by entering in the Taxonomy field the slug of the taxonomy you want to use. Here's a table of taxonomies and their respective slugs:

Custom Taxonomy Taxonomy Slug
Categories category
Tags post_tag
Post Prominence prominence
Series series
Post Types post-type

You must enter one of these slugs for the widget to function correctly.

Taxonomy List Widget settings

By default, the widget will pull in all posts in the taxonomy, which could be a very large number of posts. Use the Count field to limit the number of posts displayed. You can also limit the display to specific terms in the taxonomy. To do this you must find the term’s ID by visiting the list of terms in the taxonomy (under Posts in the dashboard), then hover over or click on the term and find the tag_ID number in the URL for that term.

For example, in this URL for the term “Bacon” the term ID is 482:


After setting the taxonomy slug, count, and optionally limiting by term ID, you choose to display thumbnails and a headline of the most recent post in the taxonomy or display the taxonomy list as a drop-down menu. The Title of the widget defaults to Categories, but you can override this with a title of your choice.

Other Uses for the Taxonomy List Widget

You might want to highlight a set of Categories in a sidebar:

Largo Taxonomy List Widget on a web page

Or you could add a dropdown menu in the footer for Categories:

Category dropdown menu in a footer

Category dropdown menu in a footer, open

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