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Largo helps you set up several types of Twitter feeds through the Largo Twitter Widget. However, it's not obvious how to configure these feeds, so let's walk through the details right now.

It probably doesn't help that Twitter has a thing called a Twitter Widget, and WordPress has things called widgets, and they're not the same thing. Language! Basically, you need to set up a Twitter Widget so you can use it in the WordPress/Largo Twitter Widget. From there all you need is the Twitter Widget ID, which you will enter into the Largo Twitter Widget configuration.

Let's start with creating the Twitter Widget. Assuming you're logged in to your Twitter account, go to and you'll see something like this:

Twitter settings page

Since here we're logged into the INN Nerds Twitter account, you see our content here, but yours will show content for your account. Let's say you want to create a new Twitter Widget for a username. Click the Create new button and you'll get this screen. I've highlighted the User timeline tab, but note the other tabs for Likes, List, etc.

Configuring a Twitter Widget

Enter any username you want into the configuration, and you'll see a preview of the Twitter widget timeline. Click Create widget and you get this:

Twitter widget configuration confirmation screen

Note the long string of numbers in the URL:

Twitter Widget URL

This is the ID for this Twitter Widget, which is what you need for the Largo Twitter Widget. Log in to your Largo site and go to Appearance > Widgets, and find the Largo Twitter Widget. Drag and drop it into whichever widget area you want, and it opens itself for configuration:

Largo twitter widget configuration for a username timeline

In most cases, all you need is the Twitter Widget ID, but go ahead and enter the Twitter Username as well. It's not strictly needed unless something goes wrong with the Twitter API which we can't control, so add the username as a backup.

You can choose to change the Widget Theme from Light to Dark, change the background, and hide the widget on desktops, tablets, and/or phones. None of the other settings matter, as the Twitter Widget ID pulls in the right timeline regardless of how they're set. Save your Largo Twitter Widget settings and you get this on your site:

Largo Twitter Widget as seen on a website with the INN timeline

You can do the same thing with a Twitter list, a Twitter search, and even create a Twitter Widget to display your favorites (now called "likes").  To create a Twitter Widget for a list, go to and click the List tab:

Twitter widget configuration for a list

All lists you have created or subscribed to will appear in the List drop-down menu. Select the list you want and again you'll get a preview of the timeline. Click Create widget, then copy the Twitter Widget ID from the URL of the next page:

Twitter configuration for a list timeline

You can create and configure Twitter Widgets for a search term, your favorites ("likes"), and Twitter collections in the same way:

Twitter widget configuration for a search

Twitter widget configuration for a favorites timeline

In all cases, the key to connecting to the Twitter Widget is the Twitter Widget ID. In summary:

  • Create a Twitter Widget (or edit an existing Twitter Widget).
  • Grab the Twitter Widget ID from the URL of its page.
  • Enter the Twitter Widget ID into the configuration settings of the Largo Twitter Widget.

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