Plugins: Extending WordPress and Largo

Plugins extend the functionality of WordPress. They are small pieces of software that "plug in" to the core WordPress software. The vast majority of WordPress plugins are created by volunteers contributing their work for free to the WordPress community. Some plugins are produced for sale by commercial companies. At this writing, there are more than 45,000 different WordPress plugins available.,

Plugins can add a wide range of features to your site. Examples include search optimization, Disqus commenting, contact and payment forms, quizzes, events calendars, job boards, and other types of functionality too long to list here.

A few things to know about WordPress Plugins:

  • Some plugins are written really well and are reliable, high-quality, etc. Some plugins are not as well written, caveat emptor...
  • We have experience with a number of plugins that we recommend for Largo sites.
  • We've also built a number of plugins that can be useful for news websites.
  • Most WordPress plugins are free, but for commercial plugins, you'll need to pay for them and maintain any license numbers, plugin account usernames, etc.

User guides and support for plugins are typically available from the plugins themselves. You can find such from the links on the Plugins list page:plugins setting page in WordPress

We're happy to provide general guidance but we can't provide direct support for plugins not created by INN.

Installing Plugins

If INN is hosting your website, we manage the plugin installation and activation for you. Talk with us about what you might need and we'll do what we can to accommodate.

If you're hosting your own Largo site, you can use the same method installing plugins as for any other WordPress website.

For complete details see the Managing Plugins guide on the WordPress Codex.

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