DoubleClick for WordPress Plugin

DoubleClick for WordPress is a plugin built by INN that serves Google DoubleClick for Publishers ads natively in WordPress. It comes with a widget that simplifies the process of displaying ads where you want them on your site.

Note that you will need a DoubleClick for Publishers or Google AdSense account set up before you begin this process.

After defining your ad inventory in Google DFP, you can insert ads in any widget area by entering the name of the DFP ad unit in the widget:

Google DFP Widget

You can choose different creatives to match the width of desktops, tablets, and phones. So long as the creatives are available in your DFP inventory, the widget will display the sizes you specify in its settings.

Enable the Leaderboard Ad Zone (optional)

If you want to run ads at the top of the page, above your masthead:

  1. Go to Appearance > Theme Options > Advanced
  2. Check “Enable Optional Leaderboard Ad Zone”

enabling the leaderboard ad zone in Largo

For complete documentation, see the DoubleClick for WordPress project docs.

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