Homepage Layout: Blog

The Blog layout is a two-column blog-like list of posts with the ability to stick a post to the top of the homepage. The Blog layout is the most simple and clean of all the Largo layouts. With this layout, the Homepage Bottom should be set to a single column list of posts.

Posts will display in reverse chronological order (newest at the top). Posts assigned a Post Prominence of Homepage Featured will be displayed with a large Featured Image (if one has been added to the post).

See the Taxonomy page for details on using Post Prominence with posts.

An example:

Blog homepage layout in Largo

Posts not assigned a Post Prominence of Homepage Featured will be displayed with a thumbnail of the Featured Image:

post on a webpage

Posts assigned a visibility of Sticky will display at the very top of the page with a large thumbnail of the Featured Image floated to the left. If the sticky post is assigned to a Series, it will also display links to other posts in the same Series:

Sticky post on a web page

The Blog homepage layout has no Post Prominence option for Homepage Top Story, so if you're using this layout that option won't appear in the Post edit screen.

Note that to stick a post to the top, you must check the box to "Show sticky posts box on  homepage ?"


The Blog layout has a sidebar on the right, which can be configured in Appearance > Widgets. This is the Main Sidebar widget area.

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