Adding Links to Menus

Largo gives you five default menus assigned to five default theme locations. But out of the  box,  these menus don't contain any actual links. Here's how to add and configure menu links.

In the Largo dashboard, go to Appearance > Menus:

editing menus in Largo

You can select any of the existing menus to edit:

selecting a menu to edit

Let's say we have an "About" page and we want to add it to the Global Navigation. We do that by selecting the Global Navigation to edit, which opens any existing links in that menu and allows us to select the "About" page to add to it:

adding the About page to a menu

The "About" page is in the Page drop-down on the left, so just select it and hit the Add to Menu button:

About page added to menu

And, there it is! Hit the Save Menu button and you've added a link to your "About" page to the Global Navigation:

about link in global navigation

Adding a Dropdown Menu to Main Navigation

You might want to add many links to your Main Navigation, and it's common to organize these links in a drop-down menu. Let's select the Main Navigation and add a dropdown menu with links.

Main Navigation screen in Largo

The Menu Structure shows the current links assigned to the Main Navigation. In the column to the left of Menu Structure, we have several types of links we can add. Notice we have three Pages we can add to the menu. We want to add them to a drop-down menu labeled "Pages".

To add the "Pages" header we need to create a Custom Link. The header isn't really a hyperlink since we just want it to open the drop-down menu when users hover over the label. But WordPress won't let you add a Custom Link to the menu without  a URL,  so we'll add a dummy URL of # and Link Text of "Pages":

creating a custom link

Click Add to Menu and the Custom Link appears at the bottom of the Menu Structure:

custom link added to menu structure

We now have our "Pages" menu label but no actual links in the dropdown. So, let's add those now. We're going to click the little arrow in the Pages list to show all available Pages:

Pages available for menu

To add all of these Pages, click Select All and the hit the Add to Menu button:

pages added to menu

If we were to save this menu now, all the Pages would appear in the Main Navigation but not in a dropdown under the "Pages" label, because these Pages are on the same level as the label. To nest them under the label, just drag them a bit to the right:

dragging a menu to nest it under the label

Or, click the small arrow in one of the menu items to edit its position (or other properties):

editing menu item

We can rename this menu item, and in this case, we'll shorten it to "Largo Default Navigation." We want this under the Pages label, so we'll click to move it under Pages:

configuring a menu item

Now click the Save Menu button and we'll have a new drop-down menu in our Main Navigation with the label "Pages" containing links to the Pages we added:

Main Navigation with Pages dropdown menu

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