What are Largo's core features?

Largo provides a flexible and feature-rich foundation for news organizations to build their WordPress sites.

Instead of building a website from scratch based on your need for curated content, custom bylines, author management, scheduled stories, related posts, or support for special series – start with the Largo WordPress theme, which has all these features (and more) out of the box.  (See the full list of features below.)

You can customize Largo's look and feel to be tailored to your unique brand and the needs of your organization and audience. Contact us to learn more about INN Lab's design and development services.

Flexible Theme Options 

Basic Theme Options
Site Description
Feed URL
Donate Button
Copyright Message
Google Analytics config
Post Label
Social Media Links
Layout Options
Six homepage templates  
Hooks for extending the theme
Navigation Options
Sticky navigation 
"Don't Miss" menus 
Overflow navigation 
Footer Nav options
Advanced Theme Options
Custom LESS/CSS 
Series Taxonomies 
Custom Landing Pages 
Leaderboard Ad Zone 
"Post Types" Taxonomies  
Search Options 
Site Verification 
SEO Options

News-Friendly Content Creation and Organization

Featured media
Thumbnail overrides
Sticky posts
Post  revisions
Hero images
Largo Taxonomies
Series Landing Pages
Post Prominence
Post Types

Customizable Widgets

Largo Recent Posts
Largo Twitter
Largo Related Posts
Largo Prev/Next Links
Largo Donate
Largo Follow
Largo About Site
Largo Recent Comments
WordPress Widgets in Largo
Largo Featured Posts
Largo Facebook
Largo Staff Roster
Largo Author Bio
Largo Taxonomy List
Largo Post Series
Largo Image
Largo Series Posts

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